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12 Most Influential Books Every Software Engineer Needs to Read

Indeed a great list, I have also shared list of books every programmer should read, very similar to yours, and hope I can add couple from here as well 🙂

The Curious Programmer

This is a question that I get a lot, especially from co-workers or friends that are just beginning their journey as a software craftsman.

What book should I read to become a better developer? Do I need to read books?

I think it’s a great question, and it is one that I asked many of my mentors as I was becoming a software engineer. The problem was that many people suggested different books on different topics. All the books they suggested were great in their own right, but no one was able to give me a list that would be the ESSENTIAL books, the MUST READS, that any engineer with hopes of being great should most certainly read.

Well, I’ve learned a lot from my mentors and realized that I still had a lot to learn with the many different books that were suggested to me. I decided to develop a routine…

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Java Interview Questions – Resource

This list contains links to several Java Interview Questions articles, which are helpful for Java developers looking to build their knowledge from interview point of view.

Java Questions from Investment Banks Interview

Top 40 Core Java Interview Questions for Phone interviews

Telephonic round of Interview is usually used to screen candidate before asking them to come to the office for a face-to-face interview, but nowadays it become even more important. Gone those days when one telephonic round of interviews was enough, nowadays you need to face 3 to 4 telephonic interview before you get a chance to see your Interviewer. In this article, we will see 40 odd questions from Java telephonic interviews, which will help you to get an Idea about what to expect and how to answer them. See here


Java OOP Concept interviews Questions

OOP is very important part of any Java Interview and that’s why you need to prepare it well. In this article, I have shared some of the most frequently asked OOP concepts questions from various Java interviews, including both telephonic and face-to-face round. It contains some easy, some very easy and some tough questions for your practice.


Basic Java Interview Questions

A collection of some really basic questions for core Java developers of having 1 to 2 years of experience or college graduates looking for the job. One of the must read for the telephonic round of interviews.


21 Frequently asked Java Interview Questions

If you have attended a couple of Java interviews then you know that there are few questions which keep repeating. You go to one company to other, but you will find the same set of questions coming again. It’s good to make a list of such frequently asked Java programming question. So that you can revise them when needed, instead of doing Google, at last, minute. This list contains 21 such questions, a good starting point to build your own list 🙂 See here

60+ Java Interview Questions for revision

A collection of some of the frequently asked Java questions for quick revision.


10 Algorithm Books Every Java Programmer should read

A collection of some good books to learn computer algorithms. Many programmers forget to learn data structure and algorithm in the race of learning a programming language and failed to realize the value learning algorithm provides. There is no doubt that a programmer who knows and practice algorithms are better than one who only knows about API.


10 RESTful Web Service Interview Questions

Some good RESTful web services questions from Java interviews.


10 Java Overloading and Overriding Questions

Test your knowledge of method overloading and overriding in Java with these frequently asked questions from this topic.

20 Questions you can ask Interviewer

One of the important aspects of programming job interviews is the section where you can ask questions to Interviewer. Many programmers let go this opportunity by saying they don’t have any question. Instead of doing that, you can use this in your favor by scoring few more brownie points and also learning some key insight which will help you to make a decision on the offer. Read more :


20 Java ArrayList Interview Questions

List of some of the frequently asked ArrayList based question from Java Interviews. If you are serious about Java Job interview, then surely, you cannot miss ArrayList


Good Books for Java Interviews

5 Great books to prepare for Java and JEE interviews. This list contains two types of book, first which contains questions from general programming topic like data structure, algorithm, OOP, software design, XML, SQL and second, which contains questions from core Java and JEE technologies e.g. multithreading, concurrency, GC, collections, JVM internals, performance tuning and JSP, Servlet, EJB, Spring framework, Hibernate etc. list is here


130+ Java Interview Questions from last 5 Years
This is the mega list of Java interview questions from last 5 years, which contains questions from all popular Java topics e.g. String, coding, multi-threading, Garbage collection, JVM internals, design patterns, unit testing, best practices etc. This is the only list you need to prepare for your Java interview. I hope this will help you to do well on your telephonic and face-to-face Java interviews.
Read more: 


What is the difference between REST and SOAP?

REST and SOAP are two popular style to implement web services in Java and another programming language. As a web developer, it’s very important for anyone to understand the difference between them and pros and cons of each other to decide which kind of web services suits their need. Detailed answer is on



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Google’s growing problem: 50% of people do zero searches per day on mobile

Source: Google’s growing problem: 50% of people do zero searches per day on mobile


One reason of this is also typing on mobile is not really a pleasant experience, forget about typing on browser address bar. Mobile is great for WhatsApp like app which is more forwarding, less typing and now more talking.



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Google’s growing problem: 50% of people do zero searches per day on mobile

One reason of this is also typing on mobile is not really a pleasant experience, forget about typing on browser address bar. Mobile is great for WhatsApp like app which is more forwarding, less typing and now more talking.


The Overspill: when there's more that I want to say

Amit Singhal in 2011 showing a comparison of search volumes from mobile and “early desktop years”. Photo by Niall Kennedy on Flickr.

Amit Singhal, Google’s head of search, let slip a couple of interesting statistics at the Re/Code conference – none more so than that more than half of all searches incoming to Google each month are from mobile. (That excludes tablets.)

This averages out to less than one search per smartphone per day. We’ll see why in a bit.

First let’s throw in some more publicly available numbers.
• more than 100bn searches made per month to Google (total of desktop/ tablet/ mobile).
• about 1.4bn monthly active Google Android devices. (Source: Sundar Pichai, Nexus launch.)
• about 1 billion monthly active Google Play users. (Source: Sundar Pichai, Nexus launch.)
• about 1.5bn PCs in use worldwide.
• about 400m iPhones in use worldwide. Probably about 100m…

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What if I were 1% charged?

Gravity and Levity

In case you hadn’t heard, the universe is governed by four fundamental forces.  But when it comes to understanding nature at almost any level larger than a nucleus and smaller than a planet, only one of them really matters: the Coulomb interaction.

The Coulomb interaction — the pushing and pulling force between electric charges — is almost incomprehensibly strong.  One common way to express this strength is by considering the forces that exist between two electrons.  Two electrons in an otherwise empty space will feel pulled together by their mutual gravitational attraction and pushed apart by the Coulomb repulsion.  The Coulomb repulsion, however, is stronger than gravity by 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times.  (For two protons, this ratio is a more pedestrian $latex 10^{36}$ times.)

When I was a TA, I enjoyed demonstrating this point in the following way.  Take a balloon, and rub it against the top of your head until…

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