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Solving FizzBuzz Challenge in Java 8

FizzBuzz is one of the most popular programming exercise, which is used by Interviewer to separate Coders who can’t code. It’s also those kind of exercise you would like to do when you start learning new programming language e.g. Ruby, Python or C#.  So when many programmer asked me how to learn new features of Java 8 e.g. functional way of coding using lambdas, using streams, Optional and other feature, I suggest them to solve common coding problems using these feature. It is not only interesting but also very fruitful and my first exercise was to solve FizzBuzz challenge in Java.

Java 8 is in town for more then a year, but do you really know how to FizzBuzz in Java 8 using lambda expression and streams? If not then see this article : FizzBuzz Solution in Java 8.


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