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Java quirks and interview gotchas

In fact finding this can be a good questions. I find questions like memory leak and Serialization are really trick for average Java developers, worth including in my list of trick Java question.

Dan Dreams of Coding

Interviewers are a diverse lot. Some care about this, others about that, each has her own set of biases, and short of being perfect, there’s really no way to please everyone. The worst is when you’re doing well, then get hung up on an obscure language feature that the interviewer decides is make-or-break. This says more about the interviewer than you, but it can easily cost you an offer if you blank or aren’t prepared.

So, as a public service announcement, and in the interests of moving the conversation past some of the annoying gotcha questions, here’s a grab bag of things you should know about Java – some more important, some less so, some just plain annoying. But, well, interviews.

  • StringBuilder

Seriously, this is one of the foundational classes you use all the time, and yet I frequently run across candidates who’ve never run across it. College students, in particular…

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