Advanced and tough Java multi-threading Interivew question for Senior

One of the best collection of  tough and advanced java threading interview questions available in internet, very useful for senior and experienced Java programmer who are likely to face advanced concurrency related questions on threading interview. questions are genuine and related to multi-threading. no doubt java threading is complex and requires lot of expertise to answer those thread interview questions. Questions on multi threading is one of the most difficult part of Java Interview and Now days interview are mainly focus on concurrent package and utility like CountDownLatch, Semaphore, ConcurrentHashMap, Lock etc, you may want to prepare those as well
Most of the java programmer doesn’t understand the Thread till deep level they mostly know it shallow like difference between wait and sleep or creating thread using Runnable or Thread Class. which makes them vulnerable when questions asked in Concurrency , Race Condition and deadlock. This article contains some of  advancedJava thread interview questions asked in Investment banks which is good for practicing before appearing to any Java interview.As I said Threading is most confusing topic of Java and most asked topic also and confusion only increased with new concurrent package. thanks for your tips quite useful for beginners. All the best for your Java multi-threading interview, I hope level of this advanced and tough multi-threading question help you.


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